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Benefits of Our Raised Run Kennels

A dog with tongues out for Raised Run Dog Kennel Benefits

Cleaner Environment

Gets dogs out of the dirt, away from fleas, mud, faeces etc.

Raised Floor

The raised floor gets dogs out of the dirt and cold, as well as keeping them elevated and away from snakes.


Dogs can't escape and predators can't get in, which gives you lots of peace of mind particularly when you are not around.


Our kennels provide protection from the extremes of sun, wind and rain. Kennels have been designed as a stand-alone unit and whilst further shading by trees or sheds is a good idea, it is not essential.


Being off the ground creates more ventilation under the kennel.

Dog Wellbeing

Dogs are happy and content in raised runs (they still require adequate daily exercise) as opposed to larger areas where they can be prone to running around a lot and developing bad habits.


Our kennels are portable.


Arguably the best way to keep a dog healthy and safe, as proven and recommended by Australia's top kelpie breeders, trainers and owners.

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    “My dogs are my passion and career, we breed, train and trial working dogs.  Over the last 10 years we’ve bought a number of ‘Raised Run Dog Kennels’ off Paul because they’re a great, simple design that makes it easy to  house active working dogs that need a safe place to rest, recharge and grow. I love that they’re all Aussie made and they’ve certainly stood up to years of constant use”

    - Joe Spicer VIC, 6 times Australian Yard Dog Champion and breeder of the famous Muster Dogs  

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    "Washpool Working Kelpies have housed their kelpies in kennels designed & manufactured by Lucindale Engineering for many years.  They have proven to be excellent facilities, strong, secure, easy to clean, warm in winter and cool in summer. Paul adapted the rear door on one of our units so we could observe a bitch whelping without disturbing her."

    - Washpool Working Kelpies - SA

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    “My Lucindale kennels have been a game changer for me. Living in a hot and dry climate where snakes and ticks are prevalent they keep my dogs up off the ground in a clean, dry and safe environment. The dogs work long, hard days and I believe they need a decent night’s rest in order to perform at their peak and these kennels allow them to do so."

    - James Harradine - WA

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    "We have purchased two flat-pack double raised kennels for our 4 working dogs. The kennels were easily put together and are very impressive. The dogs love their sleeping quarters and the kennels by having both rear and front entry doors, are easy to clean. The ability to easily remove the slatted floor, makes cleaning up "accidents" a simple task."

    - Pam D'Hudson - NSW

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Paul Ewer owner of Raised Run Dog Kennels

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